Dear Member,

We are very pleased to confirm that following the recent Government statement confirming an easing of the lockdown and following subsequent LTA Guidance we intend to re-open the Courts . These initial measures mirror the gradual steps the Government wish to introduce to ease the lockdown but they represent a big step forward in starting playing again.In making these steps we urge everyone to observe and adhere to the social distancing and hygiene proposals outlined below for the health and safety of all members and their families.

From Wednesday 13th May members can access the courts made available for the following activities;

* Only Courts 1 and 4 will be made available for singles or doubles

* Singles can be played by two people from different households if required subject to social distancing rules being obeyed.

* Doubles can ONLY be played by four people from the SAME household.

* Court 3 can ONLY be booked by a single person who wishes to use the tennis wall.

* Court 2 net will be removed and the court used as a waiting area if required before playing Courts 3 and 4.

*Strict hygiene procedures should be followed when using the courts as follows;

Please provide your own hand sanitiser gel to ensure you are able to clean your hands effectively. You will not be able to access hand washing facilities in the clubhouse for the time being so please make sure you have hand gel with you at all times.

Hand gel should be used after opening and closing the court gates.

Do not touch the net winders - the nets will be left at the correct height to minimise the contact required

*Juniors under 14 playing singles should be supervised by an off court adult.

*Coaching will be allowed on a one to one basis .Please contact Sam Hull for further details.

*Play is only permitted for members ,so no guest players at present.

*All players to bring their own marked balls and take them home without mixing them with others.

*Access and exit to Court 1 should be through the first gate ( main entrance by Clubhouse).

*Access and exit for Court 3 and 4 should be via the second gate ( rear of Courts ) and please stay in Court 2 as a waiting area if courts still occupied until courts are free.

*Playing time will be restricted to one hour to reflect restricted capacity.This maybe increased if there is excess capacity.

*Please arrive promptly for your allotted time and depart on time to avoid build up of people.Ideally please leave 5 mins before to avoid overlap.

*Booking the courts will be via the same system as before on the MTC Website.

*The Clubhouse will be closed at all times in the near future.

*Strict social distancing to be maintained while waiting to play. Therefore the following applies

Keep your distance to 2 metres

Please bring your own hand sanitizer to use before and after playing

No physical contact with anyone at the club

Avoid touching your face,eyes,nose during play

Sneeze into your arm and not your hand

The 3 month grace period for membership renewal is still in place and is due to expire at the end of June and will be honoured until then.We will review when we introduce membership renewal at the beginning of June.

We hope this will be the gradual introduction of playing tennis of some sorts this summer.We acknowledge these arrangements will not suit everyone but as we all realise these are guidelines for everyone's safety and take reasonable precautions.

We look forward to seeing you on the Court if you feel comfortable doing so and any queries please let us know on

Please keep safe and well.

Best Wishes

Marshfield Tennis Club (12/05/2020)

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